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For the past several years, where jewelry’s concerned, dainty pieces have been favored over the rest. Whether worn solo to match a minimalist wardrobe or stacked up to create a bolder look, everyday rings, necklaces, and bracelets have reigned supreme. Of course, statement earrings never quite left, but in 2019, we can expect new and exciting jewelry trends that make an impression, exploring new, fun colors, shapes, and sizes across rings, bracelets, and necklaces as well. Whether it’s jewelry reminiscent of our childhood or modern favorites taken to bigger and better levels (literally) or, of course, a hodgepodge of everything when that fashion indecision strikes, all things colored will be more approachable in the New Year.

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Evolution of the charm bracelet

As far back as 5000 B.C., people have been wearing charm bracelets. In ancient times, the charms worn were for good luck and protection from evil. Across cultures and religions, charm bracelets were worn for these superstitious reasons. This piece of jewelry also served the purpose of family identification and to designate class and status. During her reign in the 1800s, Queen Victoria was responsible for turning the charm bracelets into a fashion statement as opposed to the more purposeful reasons of earlier times.

The popularity of this piece of jewelry ebbs and flows- enjoying great success at times and losing favor at others. The 50s was a time of resurgence as people began using them to commemorate special events in a girl's life- sweet 16, graduation, marriage, motherhood and more.

They didn't go too well with disco and the sleek gold of the 70s, so their popularity diminished. Today, however, there is a renewed interest in silver and gold charm bracelets . Two-tone styles are also popular.

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